Strategicbongo | Demosophy

We join human Authentic Intelligence (A.I.) and Artificial Intelligence (a.i.) 

Our mission is to optimize essential systems. This means connecting people, technology & big data in ways that positively impact sustainability and healthy well-being. 

We serve multidisciplinary leaders in emerging and large enterprises who architect the strategies and tactics to improve lives.

Four Integral Development Approaches

We work to apply resources in ways that create & support solutions to pressing human challenges. 

Advisory | Consultancy

Strategicbongo is a revolutionary boutique business advisory & consultancy. We help clients leverage and scale ways to Do Good and Be Well.

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Leadership See, Feel, Think Tank

Demosophy is the See, Feel, and Think Tank TM   focused on reducing “dis-ease” and its systemic ramifications. We bring leaders from different fields and backgrounds together to create innovative solutions for today’s challenges.

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Care Innovation Incubator & Showcase

AIhealthSPACE is the digital health & wellness incubator. Our mission is to showcase integrated use cases.

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Edutainment Media | Continual Learning

Good4Humanity transforms hard-to-understand concepts into approachable content. Our proprietary framework serves content to bridge learning to understanding.


Demosophy | Strategicbongo

We create the future. Do Good. Be Well.

Strategicbongo empowered by Demosophy is Good4Humanity.
We are not just a company; we are a social enterprise fueling the leadership renaissance at the confluence of scientific, technological, and multidisciplinary human performance systems.


The digital twin incubator

It’s where data-driven, evidence-based, and personalized health and wellness are made tangible.

Put Your Digital Twin to Work

AIhealthSPACE is where people explore how to be healthier, wealthier, and wiser in a more authentic sense.

  1. Personalized Data-Driven Views: Your digital twin leverages structured data and AI advancements to create personalized views that help optimize your wellness resources.
  2. Personal Care Management: Your digital twin provides real-time wellness insights, aiming to enhance well-being and effective recovery from setbacks.
  3. Wellness Journey: Your digital twin customizes wellness recommendations based on your unique needs and lifestyle.
  4. Interactive Dashboard: Your digital twin offers an easy-to-understand dashboard for tracking progress, setting goals, updating records, and sharing information with care teams.
  5. Continuous Learning: Your digital twin learns from each interaction, helping you improve awareness of performance factors. It enhances its predictive and analytical capabilities over time.
  6. Empowerment: Your digital twin assists in achieving health and wellness goals, providing tools and insights for maintaining mental, physical, social, and emotional balance in daily life.

definition: Demosophy
from demo + sophy
a word meaning Wisdom of the People

It's the revolutionary human potential for architecting solutions to our pressing challenges. We tap it.

Strategicbongo, empowered by Demosophy,

is the trusted, value-added resource that enables businesses to identify, adapt and achieve goals. We assist clients with offensive and defensive strategies that engage effectively in all economic environments, affording businesses the resilience and agility necessary to navigate headwinds. Our passion resides in devising and managing organic growth strategies in the pursuit of operational excellence.

Our Consultancy Services

Business Optimization

EXECUTE WITH GREATER CONSISTENCY Business processes are strategic assets, both a source of differentiation and value to customers and shareholders. We collaborate with corporate users to define business models and operating strategies to optimize mission-critical processes. Our experience and industry

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Cloud Leverage & Scale

RIDE THE CLOUD Upheavals in the economy have created a “new normal” that requires businesses to operate at unparalleled efficiency and agility. The power of technology can assist: Harness powerful new software solutions without making costly investments in IT infrastructure

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Alliance Development

STRATEGIC ALLIANCES ARE POWERFUL Competition exists across the entire business ecosystem, including attracting the best talent, securing qualified alliances, and landing clients.  That’s why establishing effective methods to identify, attract, and maintain pre and post-sale alliances that broaden the market

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Risk Mitigation

PROACTIVELY PREVENT RISK EVENTS Protect the organization’s value, reduce costs, and improve cash flow from operations by proactively preventing risk events and compliance violations by incorporating risk management and compliance into strategy, planning, and operational execution. SUSTAINABLE PRACTICESTHAT ADDS BUSINESS

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SUSTAINABLE OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE Businesses and governments continue to make broad-based growth in sustainability-related investments. As a result, there is a need to integrate sustainability, not as a layer, but into the fabric of the business. At Strategicbongo, our goal is

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Turnaround Strategy

MOVE THOUGHTFULLY AND WITH AGILITY INITIATE THE NECESSARY CHANGES TO ALTER CURRENT TRAJECTORY This stage is optional and often occurs during a Mature or Decline stage when an enterprise has the awareness to recognize its situation and initiate the necessary changes

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Good4Humanity is possible

Knowledge is power. Voice, Video, and Data separate and fully integrated can empower and control. We leverage the one-to-many model to reduce fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Our content connects to the day-in-the-life.

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