Strategicbongo fuels the renaissance at the confluence of scientific, technological, and human experience

Demosophy means Wisdom of the People

Strategicbongo is a revolutionary boutique advisory & consultancy.  With our client-partners we form a potent See, Feel, and Think Tank TM

The Mission

Our mission is to understand and optimize essential systems. For us, this means connecting technology, big data, and human systems to sustainability and healthy well-being.

The Objective

We assemble expertise and technology in breakthrough ways that empower people, joining human-Authentic Intelligence (A.I.) and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). Our mission-driven work unleashes knowledge and insights in ways that do good, near and long term. With our expert advisors and alliances, we replace discord with harmony and dis-ease with well-being.

Demosophy's Revolutionary A.I. Sustainability Framework

Our experts and framework order entangled complex systems joining Personal Well-being, Big Data, and Population Health.

Technology & Leadership for the Good of Mankind

Capable innovators operationalize and mobilize creativity, wealth, power, and influence. We build ideas that move in the direction of the inherent good.

Unprecedented Partnerships

Our experts, on average, have greater than 30 years of navigating disruption and complexity at the forefront of the Telecommunications, Enterprise Systems,  Academics, Healthcare IT, and Neuro & Biotechnology sectors.

Knowledge Sharing for Innovation

We mix human ingenuity and applied technology that makes people healthier, wealthier, and wiser.

Foundational Strength in Unprecedented Times

We join Personal Well-being, Big Data, and Population Health

This is the advanced definition of leadership that defines progress in the right direction.Revolutionary collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Editor and historian Politics and Polarization

This is the advanced definition of leadership, that defines progress in the right direction. Revolutionary.

CTO, Enterprise Applications, CA

The Theory of Everything meets human reality and leadership

CEO, Health Informatics Sector, MD

the Big Lebowski meets Feynman and Picasso

Scientist, Physicist, Futurist, CA


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