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“at the confluence of near infinite potentials, creativity and critical thinking converge, to ignite insights that render revolutionary innovations to humanity’s fundamental challenges."

5.16 Billion
Global Cell Phones Users
329 Million
Top Level Internet Domain Names
$908B to $1 Trillion
USA Student Loan Debt
2.3 Million
USA Incarcerated Population

Who We Are

As a See, Feel & Think Tank™, we are a Consultancy, New Venture Test-bed, and an Advanced Education Vehicle whose mission is survivability and sustainability for humanity and our environment. Our focus is optimizing for Total System Health via applied innovation that empowers people. Demosophy's philosophical framework bridges governance and individual creative freedoms through knowledge, wisdom, and reality.

We believe the global opportunity is in the reduction of harm and suffering. Leveraging health as the golden thread that weaves foundational stability, opportunities to advance civilization abound. We collaborate and create at the confluence of applied scientific, technological, spiritual, philosophical, and human endeavors to optimize systems that enable us to make and deliver better for ourselves, loved ones, and the environment.

Why is this important?

The United States is ushering into existence a new age, where innovation, safety, security, wealth, and freedom flourish. And clearly, next generation growth and expansion, that advances under applied intentional "Good", positions humanity for seismic achievement. The United States, harnessing, its full potential, will not only lead, but may lead in the direction of greatest good.

What makes us revolutionary?

Our solid framework and platform, assists leaders to render clarity and insight into navigating the dynamic complex systems, brought by our advanced and advancing state. As a result, Demosophy acts as high octane leadership-fuel for RE/Evolutionary modernization for the inherent good of the American Project and world.

How we do it?

Demosophy joins leaders as collaborators, under creativity and rational pragmatism, at the confluence of Science/Technology, Philosophy/Governance, Religion/Spirituality, and Innate Human Wisdom. It is here, that we are unleashing authentic American strength and purpose where our nation’s leaders harness their full potential.

What We Do?

We are redefining the standard for defining standards in the material and cyber worlds. We identify and explore the ways and means for strengthening our individual and national structural integrity, with the intention of exposing pathways, that inspire creative innovation, and hence lead to unprecedented growth and expansion, in the direction of the inherent Good.

We extended knowledge and best practices, direct from the minds and hearts of the leaders who are the revolutionary contemporaries of our time. Their insights become our insights, that act to seed potentials that form a new composite material that weaves strength into our individual and national fabric.

Why we do it?

Our experts share their knowledge, because they believe that when their findings are understood, we may operationalize with greater intention, to fuel new levels of resiliency, security and structural integrity necessary to support broadscale advancement – in the direction of Good.

Assembling Intelligence for 2020 and Beyond

Meet Our Fellows

Interest in Collaboration?

Communication’s Specialist

Principle Strategist

Kristin Raffaelle

Revolutionary Founder of Demosophy

Philosopher and Historian

Political, Civic, Religions

Education Visionary

Revolutionary, Advanced Education


Revolutionary, Die-Hard Capitalist, Economist, Entrepreneur

Data Ownership, Rights and Privacy

Health Information Technology and Informatics, Principle

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