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“at the confluence of near infinite potentials, creativity and critical thinking converge, to ignite insights that render revolutionary innovations to humanity’s fundamental challenges."

5.16 Billion
Global Cell Phones Users
329 Million
Top Level Internet Domain Names
$908B to $1 Trillion
USA Student Loan Debt
2.3 Million
USA Incarcerated Population

Who We Are

As a See, Feel & Think Tank™, we are a Management Advisory, New Venture Test-bed, and an Advanced Vehicle whose mission is humanity's survivability and sustainability. Our firm specializes in high-performing alliances and focused global growth initiatives with demonstratable positive outcomes. We combine people and technology to optimize Total System Health to empower people. Demosophy's philosophical framework bridges governance and individual creativity through knowledge, wisdom, and reality.

As an Advisory, Demosophy requisitions top talent and expertise so that together we may evaluate, recommend and support optimal funding and resource allocations to get things that matter done right. Our experience is unmatched, as are our monitoring and oversight processes. Because of this, we are taking on mass funding and enabling it for humanity's common Good is our demonstratable outcome. Simply put, we define the practices that help get the right things done.

Why is this important?

We are the new standard. Clearly a gap exists; we have recurrent challenges that need and can be solved in our advanced age. Closing this gap requires us to remove impedances, constraints, and gates between those in need, beneficial resources, and monetary funds. Our operating principles and expert processes, agreements, audits, business reviews assist in optimizing ways and means that Philanthropic goodwill provides. We are ushering into existence a new age, where innovation, safety, security, wealth, and freedom flourish. The next generation growth and expansion, that advances under applied intentional "Good", positions humanity for seismic achievement. Leaders harnessing their full potential, will not only lead, but may lead in the direction of greatest good. With Demosophy possibility is realized.

What makes us revolutionary?

Our solid framework and platform, assists leaders to render clarity and insight into navigating the dynamic complex systems, brought by our advanced and advancing state. As a result, Demosophy acts as high octane leadership-fuel for RE/Evolutionary modernization for the inherent good of the American Project and world.

How we do it?

Demosophy joins leaders as collaborators, under creativity and rational pragmatism, at the confluence of Science/Technology, Philosophy/Governance, Religion/Spirituality, and Innate Human Wisdom. It is here, that we are unleashing authentic American strength and purpose where our nation’s leaders harness their full potential.

What We Do?

We define the standard for combining the material and cyber worlds. Demosophy architects the methods and connections that get resources to people that need them. We aggregate goodwill, operationalizing and mobilizing resources intelligently so that desired Good work has the highest probability to improve lives in more lasting ways. We have a reputation for pulling people together to do beneficial things and getting them done with content and demonstratable outcomes. We extended knowledge and best practices direct from the minds and hearts of the revolutionary contemporaries of our time. Their insights become our knowledge that acts to seed potentials, forming new composite materials that weave strength into humanity's fabric.

Why we do it?

Our experts share their knowledge, because they believe that when their findings are understood, we may operationalize with greater intention, to fuel new levels of resiliency, security and structural integrity necessary to support broadscale advancement – in the direction of Good.

Advisory Team

Our advisory works spans various functional areas. Each opportunity engages appropriate advisory team members as your trusted.

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Kristin Raffaelle

Founding Partner

Data Ownership, Rights and Privacy

Health Information Technology and Informatics, Principle

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