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Letter to Leaders

Project Big Sky joins leaders in contemplation and dialogue, at the confluence of the Yellowstone, Moonlight and the Great Divide.  With the core goal to make and deliver better.  Better for ourselves, our families, communities, our nation, and even the world.  Perhaps like Big Sky, Project Big Sky is a framework that is powered by energy from the nearby super volcano.  And it may fuel the leadership mechanism for 2020 and beyond. 

The outcome of the dialogues is twofold:

1) Creative Innovation: 

Leaders ignite creative innovation via high performing cross-disciplinary dialogue.  This seeds these leaders with new solutions and new opportunity to revolutionize  underserved market potentials that are screaming for advanced solutions– in the direction of the inherent good.  Lots of upside for everyone.

2) Advanced Education

This is an outcome of the leadership dialogues that extends structured web-based content.  Viewers as Students, learn new-to-market advanced educational content, that is infused by contemporary, passionate and experienced knowledge holders. And their insights and knowledge seams a new layer between the top/bottom structures, while broadening perspectives.

The anticipated end result: increased knowledge that acts to reduce polarization and discord stemming from our rapid technological advancement, over the past 30+ years.

At the intersection of Yellowstone and Moonlight; Big Sky sits…. alongside the Great Divide. It is a powerful location identified by epic beauty and relentless laws of nature. Mother Nature in her sheer diversity, demands acute awareness of the inner self, others and the broader environment. And with that, she teaches the power of being united in co-existence as man AND nature.

What’s in a Name

In this, Big Sky exemplifies human strength, fortitude and diversity. Contemporary Big Sky….exemplifies potential as a microcosm of the United States. Presently, Big Sky like the United States, is in a state of growth and advancement. And it is acting to unite a particular kind of leader; those who possess the fortitude, to bet on ourselves. That makes Big Sky unique. As its residents, have taken the time to garner a fuller understanding of wealth, power and influence, to realize that we, individually and collectively are not separate from our creations or “we the people”.

Let’s, as leaders unite at the confluence of Science and Technology, Philosophy and Governance, Religion and Spiritual Natures and Enterprising Human Endeavoring, with a commitment to explore how to make and deliver better, because we can. Let’s move beyond pettiness and labels, political polarization and discord, economic hardship, and emotional despair, individually and as a nation.

Let’s harness our perception, perspective and rational pragmatism to ideate and contemplate, advancement – inclusive of

  • man and nature
  • urban and rural
  • governance with rights, privacy, safety, security and creative freedoms in the material or cyberworld

Leaders Leveraging Wisdom in Unprecedented Times

Demosophy is placing a call to leaders to unite in dialogue, such that we may create advanced education and knowledge sharing, that may rise the tides.  Change is a certainty. That change will be defined by the likes of us, as leaders.  Defining solutions to our most pressing challenges demands contemplating them broadly and deeply, Top Down (Governance and Strategy) and Bottom Up (day in the life of all of us).

At the end of the day, each of us possess choice and freewill under Capitalism and Democracy, and we benefited by it.  Let’s choose to create where others thought not possible.  And define that the new normal.  Let’s make and deliver better, in the direction of good.  

Let’s talk. 

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