Knowledge is Power

Demosophy believes that advantage and advancement, comes to those that tap it and leverage it forward.  One’s ability to survive verses thrive is based upon a strong set of fundamentals.

"Ain't" Dry School Content

Think of it as Edutainment 2.0  assembled into a curricula that operates from a structured framework affording each person to self-orient and chose the pathway to explore complex systems and subjects for which we are experiencing in our contemporary societal dynamic.

Fundamental Pillars

The greats, regardless of where they made their impact, possess solid fundamentals: Safety, Security, Health,Wealth, and Influence.  And they established and retained them via self-governance and self-discipline that afforded embodied knowledge.  From their they built strength and advanced to leverage creative innovation.

Modern Insights

The “Greats” were human.  We are not separate from any of our human creations.  Our advanced age allows knowledge to be identified, attained and shared.  We are tapping it. And making it available to you, using technology and its powerful One-to-Many™ Model

Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration

Our knowledge holders realize that by sharing and collaborating, they possess the ability to “rise the tides” of many.  And as such, we offer their insights with shared intention that you may build higher and more broadly, while unleashing your creative potential, in the direction of the greatest good.

Advanced Asynchronous Learning

Our educational models are created and organized to provide you convenience, such that you can listen, stop, and contemplate their relevance with respect to your life’s endeavoring — anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

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